Snack Crops S.A.

It’s a company located in Pehuajó, 360 km to the west of Buenos Aires City, is a 100% Argentine enterprise that leads the production, processing and exports of specialty crops. The task is performed by its four business units: Popcorn, under the brand SNACK; Confectionary sunflower under the trademark SUNNY, Chickpeas branded as DON GARBANZO, and CHIA PLUS. The storage and industrial processing plants of these brands are completely separated and operate under the strictest quality standards.

The Shareholders:

Mr. Sergio E. Casas, President, with 25 years of experience focused on the development and commercialization of popcorn internationally, in addition to confectionary sunflower and other specialties.

Baibe S.A., an agro-industrial company, specialized in production and processing of specialty crops, with an annual sowing volume of 20.000 Has.

An investor group with interests in the financial, textile, agricultural and real state development.

Our mission

“Fulfill the requirements of our clients, offering snacks of the highest quality”
Anuga 2015: October 10th – 14th

Anuga 2015: October 10th – 14th

Argentine Pavilion - Hall 3.1 - Stand B-076A...

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The best Pop Corn

SNACK: worldwide leader.

• Argentina is the first worldwide exporter with 270.000 metric tons per year.

• We export 45,000 metric tons per year.

Destinations: Europe, Middle and Far East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Storage: 36,000 metric tons in its 63 silos.

Processing capacity: 20 tons per hour.

Traceability: State-of-the-art industrial process.

BRC (British Retail Consortium).

MWVT: 37/50 cm3/g.


  • Conventional Black Type.
  • The best quality and 100% natural.
  • Seed’s purity: 99,8%.
  • Production: 7.500 hectares in Salta Province, Northern Argentina.
  • Process in high technology plant.
  • Packaging: Consumer’s packs of 200 grs to 1 kg, 20 kgs Bags and Big Bags of 1.000 kgs.

Chia Plus

• Worldwide known as a “Super Food”.

Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispánica): greatest natural vegetal source of Omega3.

Contains: Proteins, Vitamins (Complex B and C) and minerals (iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and selenium), antioxidant properties, high Fiber volumes, Carbohydrates and omega 6.

• Helps regulate the blood's sugar levels and reduce the cholesterol levels.

• Pre-Columbian product consumed since 2500 B.C.

• Due to its versatility and properties, it is an essential element in a healthy diet, ideal to include in salads, breakfasts, pasta, breads, popcorn and cereal bars.


• Blanco Sinaloa-type.

• Excellent size and color.

• Produced in Northern Argentine.

Sunflower Seeds

• SUNNY: Worldwide leader.

• The best quality and 100% natural.

• Annual volume: 12,000 tons.

• Private label

Human Resources


The people who work in Snack Crops S.A. share one same aim: Continuos improvement and respect for the people. We have a long term vision, and we accept challenges in order to achieve our goals. We respect people, and we consider that the success of our business is due to human quality, individual efforts and good teamwork. Therefore, we look for people with a high level of commitment, energy and flexibility, who can display their talents and be the protagonists of our business growth.


In Snack Crops we believe that our strength is in our people, this is why we assume the commitment to :


Promote a strong sense of participation, mutual respect and the search of a common objective among our employees,

Encourage the learning of dynamic skills and innovation.

Maintain a system of promotion and compensations based on merit.

Encourage our employees to look for a balanced way of life.


Snack Crops S.A. nurtures and develops the highest levels of professionalism, while maintaining a working environment open to different lifestyles. We recognize the value of balance between work and personal life; we encourage people who wish to be fulfilled in all aspects of their lives.

If you share our sense of constant challenge, if you relate quality to the idea of persistent search for continuous improvement, if you are willing to commit yourself to a professional team of the highest level, and if you want to be a part of something that goes beyond a “company”.

We invite you to join our projects, send us your CV according to your interests and profile.

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